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November 02 2014

Alternatives to Tumblr if Yahoo goes any further



  1. Soup.io - well-known alternative to Tumblr. Reblogging, post types, themes, collab blogs, dashboard, artsy, great community already there. Soup can auto-import everything you’ve posted on Tumblr.
  2. TypePad - Includes reblogging. Dashboard and post types similar to Tumblr.
  3. Jux - Artful posts, beautiful blogging experience


Imagine your icon beating the living crud out of the people who treat you awfully

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so yall, I have this theory ~ that there is a secret room in the avenger’s mansion that is just a giant bed with lots of pillows and blankets and things. And lots of things go down in that room. Lots. Of. Things.

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (魔法科高校の劣等生) - Episode. 1: Shiba Miyuki (司波深雪)
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Do mi so mi do me so mi fa la so it goes
When you do your scales and your arpeggios


when you complain about a fandom to a friend and she says that you should just get out of it 


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haven’t seen this pic yet



Ok but what if Clear’s dick broke off in Aoba’s ass…


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We are your nightmare. We are you.

So there's a mollusk, and a sea cucumber....


The mollusk walks up, well. not walks up, SWIMS up and says, well.. he doesn’t talk.. Alright, lemme start over.

boys like it when youre playfully mean to them. call them names. punch them on the shoulder. murder their families 

punch them on the shoulder


some things you should know about me

  • i get along with people who don’t expect anything from me other than my company
  • im insecure, but the second someone takes advantage of my timid silence, ill destroy you without lifting a finger
  • my parents have given me everything but will continue to be my biggest downfall 
  • i have no problem having emotionless sex
  • if you doubt the love i have for my friends, and if you doubt my friends are anything else than perfect, ill secretly feel sorry for you
  • i dont want to get older
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makoto tachibana. reblog if u agree.

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Werewolf!Rin visits Vampire!Rei’s buttcave castle and gives him a treat! Kinda late but yeah, Happy Halloween! :DDDD

The INFP in love


Like most personality types, the INFP will tend to hold their mates on a pedestal of sorts. They will not give them enough credit and believe their mate is on a higher intuitive level of thinking then themselves. Though this can be a problem, it’s not usually a negative thing. Since the INFP possesses the NF (idealistic) temperament, they will be the best at overcoming this tendency. As a result, the INFP will be very affirming and proud of their mates. Many would even say their loyal nature and withstand the test of time.


i just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again

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last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

nothing to lose. :))

Let’s hope

Why not? :)

*crossing fingers*

pretty much^^^^

i got nothing to lose. (:

Last time i did this my wish came true.

Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

im fucking crying of joy at the /thought/ of my wish coming true…

it came true last time…so why not


hoping and praying…

Why not.

lets see.

my wish came true……………..this is creepy

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